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Is your home window screen or screen door in Agoura Hills in need of a repair or replacement? Then call (818) 886-7373 to reach the experts at Northridge Screen Service.

  • Not satisfied with a local handyman that repaired or replaced your home door screens or window screen?
  • Was their work subpar and not measure up to your standard of excellence?

You deserve better. You need to hire a company dedicated exclusively to the repair and replacement of home window screens and door screens in Agoura Hills.

Northridge Screen Service is such a company. When you need to install a new screen at home, or repair a screen on your windows or doors, Northridge Screen Service will get the job done better than any handyman or DIYer.

We can service residential or commercial customers at their location with our mobile vans so we can usually complete the job on-site the same day without a return trip.

We Service Home Window Screens and Door Screens

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Identifying Screen Problems

With proper maintenance, your typical home window screen or screen door usually lasts 10-15 years. But that may not be the situation with your screens. A host of contributing factors may shorten its lifespan or cause them to show premature signs of wear and tear. Fortunately, we may be able to repair the screen problem without necessarily replacing the entire unit and assembly.

The best way to know is to look for the early signs of screen trouble. Get up close to your screen and look for fading, scratches, tears, bent frame, loose hinges or missing latch parts.

If you discover any of these conditions, give Northridge Screen Service a call to schedule a visit at your Agoura Hills location. An experienced screen repair technician will troubleshoot the situation and know immediately what repair(s) will be required if replacement is not an option.

Better To Replace Than Repair

Sometimes home window screens or screen doors are so damaged that it may be smarter to replace them altogether than spend money to repair a list of broken parts. Believe it or not, manufacturers of window screens and door screens are continuously improving their materials so their products last longer. Simply put, a 30-year-old screen will never be as durable and efficient as one recently built. Plus, a replacement screen will look better installed and likely provide superior protection.

If you are like many Agoura Hills residents with older homes, you should consider window screen replacement as a home improvement upgrade. Realtors and appraisers will agree that homes with brand new window screens provide more aesthetic and functional value than homes with outdated screens or no screens at all.

Give us a call at (818) 886-7373 to discuss the pros and cons of replacing your home window screens or door screens. We can arrange to have one of our screen replacement installers visit your property to provide an estimate. You may be surprised to learn of the many replacement options available in terms of cost and design.

Why Hire Us?

Be cautious of your local handyman or DIY neighbor that says, “Oh sure. I can fix your window screens.” Unless they have decades of experience in home window screen repair and replacement, chances are good they will not do a quality job that lasts.

Wouldn’t it be smarter to hire a reputable, licensed and insured company with a proven track record in Agoura Hills? Here’s are 3 primary reasons you need to hire us:

Fast Mobile Service

Your time is valuable, and that’s why we respond quickly to fix your screen problem on-site the same day if scheduling allows.

Upfront Pricing

No one likes surprises on their bill, which is why you always know exactly what you’re paying up front. We do not carry out any work without your approval.

Local Experts

As a locally owned and operated company in San Fernando Valley, we understand the unique screen needs of Agoura Hills residents and can provide the most cost-effective solution.

Screen Services in Agoura Hills, CA

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