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Our strongest predictor regarding need to keep childbearing are the fresh new sex category of college students

Our strongest predictor regarding need to keep childbearing are the fresh new sex category of college students

Socio-demographic qualities

New mean chronilogical age of respondents try ±seven.56 ages. Widely known first field regarding respondents is actually civil solution (47.0%) along with 1 / 2 of (54.7%) of respondents becoming away from Yoruba origin. (Desk ? (Table1). Indeed there step 1 ). There had been a lot more Christians (59.7%) versus other religions, Vast majority (81.8%) of the participants was indeed partnered if you find yourself 130 (thirty-five.9%) got completed some sort of tertiary knowledge (Table ? (Table1 step 1 )

Dining table step 1:

Brand new imply number of children each respondent had try step 3.47 ± step 1.43years (Assortment dos – 7 pupils). More than one one-fourth (26.2%) of respondents had 5 or maybe more pupils if you’re 34.5% of one’s respondents got just 2 people. More 1 / 2 of (60.2%) had simply feminine college students. Then investigation of the studies indicated that the new respondents without education encountered the higher mediocre number of pupils (5.00 ± step 1.40) accompanied by people who complete first studies (4.49 ± step 1.72) (Table ? (Table2). dos ). Likewise, respondents who had simply men got an average of 2.73 ± step one.12 people compared to 3.78 ± step one.51 students claimed because of the people that had simply females. (Table ? (Table2). dos ). When it comes to ethnicity, the brand new Hausas had the minimum mediocre amount of students (step three.31 ± step 1.21), while the Yorubas got normally step three.51 ± step 1.42 (Desk ? (Table2 dos ).

Desk 2:

Separate take to t-decide to try showed that the latest imply quantity of students because of the participants and no brand of degree are 5.00 ± 1.39 when you’re people who got accomplished any sort of training had on average step three.24 ± 1.09 pupils; a statistically tall selecting (t=8.51, p

Dining table 3:

Two-thirds (66.6%) of the respondents desired to have more children. Further analysis showed that respondents within the 30-39 years age group had the highest proportion (70.5%) of respondents desiring more children while those within 40-49 years age group had the highest proportion (36.9%) of respondents not wishing for more. Even though overall, Yoruba respondents seemed to carry the greatest proportion of participants that desired more children, further analysis revealed that within tribes, Igbos (78.5%) and other minor ethnicities (84.6%) desired more children most followed closely by the Hausas (70.9%) when compared with the Yorubas (59.6%) (p=0.011) (Table ? (Table4). 4 ). A similarly statistically significant relationship was found between the educational status of respondents and their desire to have more children with 79.2% of respondents who finished only secondary school desiring more children (p <0.001)>

Table 4:

While only 54.4% of respondents with 2 or less children wanted to continue child bearing, 67.6% and 81.1% of the respondents with 3-4 children and those with 5 or more children respectively wanted to continue childbearing (p <0.001)>

Just tall variables regarding bivariate research was in fact and additionally utilized in the new design with the logistic regression data. Certain variables that were significant from the bivariate data was indeed zero extended go with new logistic regression design. It incorporated the learning reputation and also the level of people. Except that ethnicity and category of pupils, any kind of separate details weren’t extreme predictors off interest in high relatives products (Desk ? (Table5 5 ).

Desk 5:

Dudes having female merely youngsters was indeed nearly 3 times apt to be than dudes that have men simply college students to appeal a lot more children (p


Brand new mean chronilogical age of participants noticed Dansk kvinnelige personer in this research is similar to that particular reported various other training within the Nigeria. twenty-eight,31 This can be almost certainly so as this age group signifies the fresh new top out-of reproductive things among men someone. The learning peak found in this research is relatively highest which have a literacy price of 87.3%. When compared with almost every other training various other areas of the country, this figure try higher. New 2013 Nigerian Demographic Wellness Questionnaire (NDHS) locations the range of men literacy degrees of most other geo-political zones anywhere between 93.9% and you can 47.9% with just the Southern area-South zone that have a higher male literacy rates versus Southwestern. 31 It supporting the idea the Southwest Nigeria (predominantly occupied from the Yorubas) is one of experienced region in the nation. Specific earlier in the day scholars has charged that it large literacy rate specifically among the brand new metropolitan bad towards governmental perform at the implementing the fresh free universal earliest education. 30,29 Although not, it isn’t really entirely accountable for the latest highest literacy height noticed in our very own study because the to 54.0% of one’s participants get done tertiary training, a tier of degree not backed by the brand new government’s totally free training design. However, you’ll be able that 100 % free common first degree may have offered to determine the benefits and you may momentum to own proceeded education so you can the newest slum dwellers and just why extremely participants regarding the slums reached up to tertiary training and more. So it observance is even important in an alternate value. Brand new high ratio of experienced respondents one of several urban worst could indicate that the caliber of located in the spot keeps fallen so lower that several experienced anyone still need to real time less than new poverty line. This also negates the newest seeking away from earlier in the day studies 9,32 one to representative poverty in order to too little training. The cause of this paradox from inside the results is generally associated with new surprisingly highest unemployment price (56%) in the nation than additional places 33 , leading to a high number of knowledgeable however, out of work people whom alive beneath the impoverishment range.

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